weezer - christmas cd

The Christmas Song
You told me you would be here by my side
Warming my heart on this cold winter's night

Here I sit waiting beside the tree all by myself

You told me you would move heaven and earth
Cheering my spirits with laughter and mirth

Here I sit waiting beside the tree all by myself

Oh, could you ever know how much I care?
Could you ever know that out somewhere
there's a boy who really hurts?

Since I've found you
I've found a girl
I've found a thorn
I've found a queen
Now I am warm

Christmas Celebration
Christmas celebration
And all around the nation
Won't you stay with me tonight cause
I'm running out of fight
and the pagentry is such a bore

Carolers are singing
registers Ka-chinging
And the presents are in place
but I'd rather eat some mace
'cause the eggnog always makes me sick

You know how the story goes
you've seen it all before
That man is so obese that he can't get out the door

Christmas to perfection
I'm begging for some action
and the ringing in my ears
is the sound of Christmas cheer
and they've knocked me screaming overboard