current member bios
name: brian bell
birthday: dec 9, 1968
originally from: knoxville, tn
plays: guitar, backing vocals
name: patrick wilson
birthday: feb 1, 1969
originally from: buffalo, ny
plays : drums
name: rivers cuomo
birthday: jun 13, 1970
originally from: yogaville, ct
plays: guitar, lead vocal
name: scott shriner
birthday: jul 11, 1965
originally from: toledo, oh
plays : bass

ex-member bios
name: jason cropper
played: guitar, backing vocals
in band: 1992-1993 (left during recording of the blue album)
what he's doing now: runs a vintage music gear rental company

name: matt sharp
played: bass, backing vocals
in band: 1992-1997
what he's doing now: solo acoustic project, released ep in 2003 called "puckett's vs. the country boy"

name: mikey welsh
played: bass, backing vocals
in band: 1998-2001
what he's doing now: full time visual artist

most of this info was taken from