welcome to one of the very many abbreviated sources of information on weezer on the internet.

“why weezer?” you may ask. why not? weezer rocks, and they definately have made a place for themselves in rock and roll history. being a fan myself… i decided to do my best to support one of my favorite bands. like many, i’ve been a fan of weezer almost from the very beginning. i’ve followed them through their ups and downs, from “susanne” to “christmas celebration” and i’ll keep following them for as long as i can.

does anyone else remember when “yellow camaro” was a weezer song? was anybody else there when they played “only in dreams” for the first time on the “back together” tour? if you do… or you were… then hopefully this a place for you. did you start listening to weezer when the green album came out? if so… than you may find some new stuff here. i hope to be a good source of that.

the purpose of this site is not to provide the most up to date information on weezer on the internet… if you want that go to weezer.com. I’m just trying to do my part in providing a window into world of weezer.

so please… post on the forums, i’ll try and keep good topics going in there. i’m going to try and keep the site as up to date as i can, but this is a hobby for me, not my job. but like i said… i’ll do my best.